Human Rewriter Review

I wrote this Human Rewriter review because this content rewriting service has really helped me with my internet marketing and I thought that maybe it could be of use to you as well.

What Human Rewriter Does

Human Rewriter is a service where real people rewrite any content that you submit. The writers are native English speakers, so the content comes out sounding natural. This makes it so you can create unique content from PLR or if you have an article you wrote for a site, say, then you can put it into Human rewriter and it will come out unique so you can submit it to ezine articles and not have to do the tedious rewriting yourself.

You simply cut and paste the content into the Human Rewriter interface and submit it, and the service does the rest. Once the content is ready, you get the chance to review it and reject parts that don’t work for you. This part is key for me, because it makes it so that I have to power to look it over before the process is finished.

It creates 100% unique content for you so that you don’t have to. Here’s a screenshot of my account:

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Human Rewriter Review Pros

Unique content for whatever you want to use it for without you having to rewrite it yourself (one of the most tedious things ever) or find someone to do it for you. This is a great timesaver, and prevents you from having to search for people to outsource content rewriting to.

The support is also top rate. Whenever I’ve had a comment or question, they have gotten back to me almost immediately. The folks at this company really value your business and want to do a good job with your content. Whenever I’ve had any kind of issue, question or problem, they have made it right, and I’ve used his service since it came out last year.

They also have the capacity to do original articles and article submissions, which is a real timesaver.

Human Rewriter Review- Cons

The wait times for Human Rewriter can often span from a few hours to a few days. This is why submitting a continuous supply of content for yourself or your outsourcers comes in handy. I simply input the content and then go work on another project, then come back in a few days and the content is ready.

Human Rewriter Review Bottom Line

If you have content that you want rewritten and you want it to sound natural and come out high quality, Human Rewriter is the best. They also offer a $5.00 free trial to all new customers. I’ve found that this is about enough to get one 400 word article totally rewritten, so you really have nothing to lose (except free content) for checking them out.

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